h, yes! Summer. Vacations, beaches, pools, and (gasp!) swimsuit shopping.
A couple of days ago a lovely, tall, slender, beautiful friend of mine posted on her Facebook page that she was frustrated and feeling badly about her body in the wake of swimsuit shopping. That dreaded necessity of the warmer months.


What really got to me is how she was blaming the fact that she couldn’t find a swimsuit that fit well on her BODY, NOT on the designers and manufacturers of swimwear.


She said she thought that buying a swimsuit would be easier this year because she’s lost weight. I wanted to reach out and give her a big ole virtual hug.

Fashion designers, manufacturers, and distributors are in the business of making money. While some do a better job than others of designing and manufacturing clothing that fits an actual woman’s body, making you feel good isn’t generally tops on the agenda.



5 Tips for a Painless Swimsuit Shopping Experience

5 tips for a less painful swimwear shopping experience


I could go on for hours and hours on how to shop for what works best for you, but today I’ll stick to swimwear. Here are 5 tips for a less painful swimwear shopping experience:


1. Buy a few suits and try them on at home

If at all possible, buy a few suits and try them on at home. NO ONE looks good in the fluorescent light of a standard dressing room. And the pressure of a salesperson hovering outside asking how the sizes are working for you? Pass.
I’m a huge fan of buying a bunch of stuff online, trying it on, then returning it. Just make sure return shipping is free.

Oh, and keep your undies on when you try on the swimsuits. You’re all smart women, so I’m sure you didn’t need the reminder, but it makes me feel better to say it.


2. Opt for a two-piece suit

Unless you have the standard fashion body (tall, slim, smaller boobs and/or butt), opt for a 2 piece suit if at all possible.
Note: I said 2 piece suit, NOT bikini. Yes, a bikini is the right choice for many women with a variety of body types. But not all.
I find that a tankini with an underwire top is a great option for most women.

Buy the top in the size that fits your top, the bottom in the size that fits your bottom. Magic.


3. Choose the right color

Buy a suit in a color that lights you up.
The whole black is slimming thing? Not true.
If the color of the suit makes you shine, makes you smile, makes you want to do a cannonball off the diving board, THAT’s the one you want.


4. See it as an investment

A good swimsuit is an investment. I highly recommend budgeting at LEAST $100 for a good suit. It will fit better, last longer, look nicer, and likely last you a couple of seasons if you treat it well.


5. Get an honest opinion

An objective eye is hugely helpful when shopping for a swimwear. Or at least an honest one. For example, I know my friend Brittaney will tell me if something looks off. But my husband will not. Or if he does, I want to punch him in the face, and that never goes over well.

Salesperson at the store does not equal objective or honest eye.
I’m talking a BFF type, or a professional whose JOB it is to make sure you look fantastic.


Having trouble finding a BFF or other objective/honest person to help you choose a suit?

Let’s chat. I’m here to help

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