“OMG I could never pull off clothes like that!”

I hear this way too much.
I mean, it’s not like I’m running around the Houston suburbs in a mini dress and a pair of Louboutin stilettos.

I usually get this kind of comment on outfits like this one.


Stylish with Simple Clothes


It’s jeans, a white top, and a jacket that I can literally shove in my purse (and it comes out totally wearable).
I mean, really?!


You can. You can totally look put together without looking like you’re heading out for a night on the town.


Let’s call it suburban chic.


But what actually happens is that if you don’t have the time and money to look exactly like that super fun looking model in the Chico’s ads (you know who I mean, right?), you just say screw it.

And then you end up wearing the fluffy pajama pants you stole from your college boyfriend in the drop-off line at school. Sometimes even in the pickup line.


You’re totally not fooling anyone, ladies. When you’re wearing pajamas there’s an aura. It says I’ve worn these PJs for the past 24 hours and/or You’re lucky I’m wearing clothes at all.


There’s a middle ground.

Middle Ground Between Super Dressed Up and Wearing Pajamas

It’s nice and wide, and really quite comfortable. Pretty sparsely populated, too.
I live here. And I’d LOVE some new neighbors.


Yeah, sure, Leila. That’s great for YOU, fabulous style icon extraordinaire. But I have [insert some sort of rationale for living in PJs].


Here’s the thing.
It’s not all or nothing.

If some morning it’s all you can do to get the kids to school with their clothes on, much less get yourself all dolled up for the drop-off line, here’s what you do:
Drop off your kids, then come back home and doll yourself up.

OK, well that phrase isn’t quite right.


I’m thinking more along the lines of taking a quick shower, put on a (fairly) clean shirt and a pair of jeans, toss on a simple necklace, and swipe on some lip gloss.



How to Dress Yourself in 5 minutes


This is my client (and bestie), Beth Anne. This look literally took her 10 minutes (including interruptions from her 4-year-old). Simple dress, leggings, heels, and a 3-minute makeup look.


It’s not a ton of time out of your day, but I guarantee that it’ll make you feel infinitely better about pretty much everything.

So tell me…
Where do you live? Hot mess? Just hot? Or somewhere in the middle (with me!)?

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