ou know those BuzzFeed quizzes? What Disney princess are you? Who were you in a past life? What should you really be doing with your life? Super fun, right?
What about those quizzes that are supposed to tell you your true style? Or your best colors? Or your body shape? Or how you should dress based on what you do with your time? They’re everywhere. And we love them, because we love the easy way.

I mean, entire businesses are built on them. StitchFix, Rockbox, and so many other style-related services run on style quizzes.

You take a quiz and then a stylist of unknown qualifications (that’s a conversation for another day) sends you pieces based on the results of the quiz.

Sounds amazing. If it worked.


And in my experience, style quizzes just don’t work.
People are just way too complicated for a multiple choice quiz.


I took a style quiz at one point that told me that I had this super sleek style. We’re talking Armani or Hugo Boss type simplicity. Suit jackets, clean lines, silk tops, stiletto heels, the works.

Yeah, no.


First of all, that kind of super-structured look just looks terrible on my body shape.
Second, that leaves no room for the level of sparkly femininity that’s just, well… me!

And when I gave StitchFix a try recently, after 3 (!) boxes they had yet to send me anything that either fit my style or my body.


“You just can’t figure out something as nuanced as style based on a quiz”


I know some people love services and quizzes like that because it makes things simple and easy. And they’re cheap or free (at least the styling part is). But I’ll say it again: You just can’t figure out something as nuanced as style based on a quiz.

But right now there just aren’t many affordable style resources for the everyday woman. There are books, sure. And there are reruns of What Not to Wear. Oh, and let’s not forget style and fashion bloggers (more on that another day).


Why Style Quizzes Don't Work


What can you do?

Hiring a personal stylist can seem way out of reach for most people. I mean, many stylists are pricey, and if you live in an area where there just plain aren’t any, you’re kinda SOL. There are options, though.


There’s me, of course. 
I do style consultations over video and Facebook Messenger, and you can work with me for as little as $97 (no lie – click here).

Services like My Dear Watson and Trunk Show are also pretty good. They do offer the 1:1 services of a stylist. Not just the trial and error of sending things based on a quiz, but also really talking to a stylist (I’ve never used those services, but they do seem legit).

There are also some good styling courses and group programs.


Here’s an awesome option

If you don’t want to spend the money on those kinds of things, here’s a fun thing to do to really get in touch with your style. It’s from my own signature style course: Styled by You.

In the Style Type Exercise, you’ll get clear on what really speaks to you. Not just some style label.

Watch the video HERE, then download the worksheet HERE.

Don’t forget to share what you discover in the comments. Can’t wait to see!

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