It seems like everyone has their own line of graphic t-shirts, and I am no different.

While I’ll admit that I feel more than a little narcissistic in offering these shirts, I console myself with the fact that some of my fans and clients specifically asked for them.
It’s not really narcissism if I’m doing it for you, right? Right?!



nyway, a few months ago I almost wrote a post about how I’d never wear a graphic t-shirt in public. Then I realized that I do wear them in public, and they look pretty awesome when you add a few extra pieces and accessories.

Plus, never is a super long time, and I really wouldn’t want to declare myself into style rut now, would I?

I digress.


At the request of several of my clients, friends, and fans, I created some super cute #styledbyleila t-shirts. True North Custom Creations brought them to life, and they are gorgeous and super comfy.
You know those scratchy free t-shirts you got in college for signing up for a credit card? Hm, did I just date myself?

These are nothing like that.

Super soft, a little flowy, and they get better with every wash.


I’m done waxing poetic about my t-shirts.


Here’s the major issue with graphic t-shirts 

They can get booooooring super fast if you don’t mix them up just a bit.

No idea how to mix up your Styled by Leila t-shirt?
Never fear! That’s what I’m here for.

And without further ado…


How to Style Graphic Tshirts


How to Style Graphic T-Shirts


Keep it simple

How to Wear Graphic T-shirts

A basic t-shirt and jeans is a classic for a reason. It just plain works.

But I’m not just talking toss on a pair of baggy jeans and throw your tee on without even looking in the mirror. Nope, it’s not quite that easy.

Find a good pair of jeans that fit well, and preferably have a straight or slim leg. Tuck in your shirt just a little bit in the front. If you’re not totally comfy showing your lower stomach area that way, skip this part. A quality, well-designed t-shirt will look polished even when worn untucked.

But this last step is not optional: add an accessory.
My tees have a scoop neck, so a necklace that helps fill in some of that lovely open area is essential to add polish to this look.  Whether you prefer delicate pieces (like this Manda Pearl Y Necklace) or a big ole statement bib necklace, some kind of sparkle makes the outfit look like you did it on purpose.


Take it up a notch

How to Wear a Graphic Tee

All you have to do is add a jacket. Whether it’s a structured blazer or a slouchy boyfriend cardigan, that extra layer adds that extra bit of polish.


Do something a little unexpected

How to wear a Graphic T-shirt

Wearing a graphic tee with a skirt is more than a little badass. Tuck it in the skirt to make sure you don’t look sloppy, and add something sassy like a set of vintage beads.


Make like Sheldon and layer

How to Layer a Graphic Tee

When you layer graphic t-shirts they automatically look a little more polished. I mean, you did take the time and effort to get that graphic tee over the other shirt and smooth it out so your torso doesn’t look like your pillow after a restless night’s sleep. As always, add some kind of sparkle (like this necklace!) to polish the look even more.


Leggings + tee = outfit

How to Wear Graphic Tshirt

That’s right, I’m giving the OK to wear a t-shirt and leggings. BUT (don’t get too excited just yet), there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, puhlease make sure your t-shirt covers your butt. I’m all for body love and confidence, but the classically trained stylist in me simply cannot get on board with the exposed butt.

Second, do it on purpose. The leggings and tee look isn’t really for when you’re in a massive hurry. It takes a little bit of thought to make it look like an outfit and not just that you rolled out of bed in whatever you slept in. I’m a big fan of a super big tee with a wide belt or a scarf. Extra credit for a short jacket worn over a long tee and leggings. So chic!



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5 Ways to Style Tees


Wait… What?

What is that you say?! You don’t have a Styled by Leila tee?! Gasp!

LOL, no worries. Grab yours here.


Then, hop on over to Instagram and post a photo of how you wear graphic t-shirts (don’t forget to use #styledbyleila for a chance to be featured)!

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