t seems like every other Facebook ad that comes through my feed is one for a live entrepreneur conference. While I haven’t been to one yet, they look so amazing. I’ll get to one, eventually.
It’s also getting to be that time where some direct sales companies are having their conferences, or at least you’re starting to plan to get yourself there without paying an arm and a leg for your flight.

Anyway, I digress.


If you’re like most people, you’re traveling to these conferences solo.

And so it’s super important to keep luggage to a minimum, because who wants to lug a huge suitcase, carry on, and your massive purse through the airport? (my hand is most definitely not raised right now)


Business Woman Suitcase What to Pack


A few months ago I wrote a post about how I pack for short getaways.

So why am I writing another post?


What to Pack for Conferences Checklist What to Pack for Conferences

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How to Pack for a Conference or Business Trip

Well, while conferences are about the same amount of time as a weekend getaway, the right clothes are way different than what you’d wear for a weekend at, say, your husband’s alma mater’s homecoming (for a super specific example ;-)).

One of the most common things I hear about packing is to plan out your outfits in advance. But what happens if you’re standing in front of your suitcase in the hotel and you don’t feel like wearing anything you packed?


Instead of packing yourself into outfits you may not want to wear, pack things that all coordinate so you can mix and match them without feeling trapped into that suit and silk top that seemed like such a good idea back home.


What I pack for Business Trips

When I pack for business type trips, I usually bring:

– a pair of dark jeans

– a pair of moderately dressy pants

– a couple of packable jackets (AKA jackets that I can shove in my suitcase and they still come out mostly unwrinkled and wearable without ironing)

– a simple dress

– 4 solid colored tops

– 2 pairs of shoes (in addition to the ones I wear to travel in)

– way too much jewelry (which is how I add variety)

– and the usual essentials (underwear, makeup, you know the drill)


Suitcase for Business Trip


I also make sure that the colors of everything I bring all go together, which maximizes my options and reduces the chances of suitcase paralysis (standing in front of your suitcase saying to yourself I have nothing to wear).


Packing Business Trip

And to make your trip especially fabulous, find a cute suitcase that’s easy to find in baggage claim (or in the overhead compartments in your plane). Here’s the one I plan to grab before I head to an over-the-top conference in a couple of weeks (think lots of pink, flashing lights, and girl power).

These amazing organizers will keep your chic new suitcase uber organized, too.


What are must-have travel pieces?
The perfect jacket? A comfy pair of shoes?


Whatever they are, travel safe, ladies.

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