What to Pack for Weekend GetawayS

ummer is here, and it’s time for a vacation.
And vacations mean figuring out what the heck to put in that suitcase!

Do you find yourself over-packing when you go on overnight trips?

Back before I knew what the hell I was doing, I used to pack a TON with the thought that I wanted OPTIONS. If I’m not in the MOOD for the blue tunic, I’ve for 5 more tops with me (for a 3-day trip).

When in reality, I end up wearing the same top on the first and last days, just with different pants and jewelry.



Here’s exactly what I packed for my last weekend getaway (Thursday through Friday):

– Dark blue jeggings (the real deal denim, not knit. You’re not fooling anyone)
– Tan slim leg pants
– Cream slim leg pants
– Navy blue sleeveless sweater
– Black sleeveless tunic
– Royal blue sleeveless tunic
– Yoga pants
– T-shirt
– Nude flats (yep, just ONE pair of actual shoes)
– Cross trainers (these don’t count as shoes)
– 1 pair socks
– PJ’s
– 1 pair fuzzy slipper socks
– 2 bras
– 5 pairs undies
– 1 necklace
– Plus all the personal care crap


How I styled it all

Weekend Getaway Checklist Leila

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I wore the jeggings, navy sweater, necklace, and nude flats on the plane.

I wore the black tunic and cream pants with the same necklace.

I wore the navy sweater and tank with the tan pants and the same necklace.

I wore the black tunic with the jeggings and the same damn necklace.

I wore the royal blue tunic with the tan pants and (you guessed it) the necklace.

I wore the nude flats EVERY SINGLE DAY.


I brought the yoga pants, t-shirt, socks, and cross trainers with the delusion that I might go for a walk. Right.


Here’s my point:

I had 5 different outfits with 6 pieces of clothing.

Had I brought more than one necklace (and maybe a scarf) I could have gotten a little more creative. But it was the in-laws. Small town Missouri. I was willing to compromise a little.


Also, if you’re looking what to pack for a conference or a business trip, check out my blog post!


So if it looks like you’ll be packing up half of your house to go on vacation, we might need to have a little chat!

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