Flats to Wear Instead of Heels

In late 2015, Nicola Thorpe showed up to work at a high finance company wearing flats… and was sent home.

It turns out that the company’s dress code required women to wear 2”-4” heels. When Nicola asked for a good reason that she had to wear flats, they couldn’t give her one.

Seems kinda crazy, doesn’t it?

The fact is that sometimes heels are a good idea. There’s just something about them that comes off as more formal than flats.
But for most occasions, there are plenty of flats out there that will do the job just as well (and way more comfortably) than heels.

The reason that our eyes tell us that heels are dressier than flats is that we’ve seen and heard it our whole lives. The reality, though, is that flats can absolutely keep up with heels.



Here are 5 gorgeous heels, and 5 flats that work just as well (without the pain)


The basic high heels

Heel: You’ve probably got at least one pair of basic black heels in your closet. They’re a staple and go with pretty much everything.
Flat: A flat in a high-quality leather with sleek lines will have the same effect, without the risk of getting your heel stuck in a grate on the way to work.



The booties

Heel: Black booties with a heel are an essential, right?
Flat: Same look, no squished toes.



The espadrilles

Heel: It’s almost time to break out the espadrilles…
Flat: Without risking twisted ankles!



The sexy sandals

Heel: Strappy, sexy sandals (with a side of blisters)
Flat: Comfy, still sexy



The platform

Heel: My favorite, the platform
 Meet the flatform


What’s your vote? Flats or heels?

Let’s discuss in the comments!

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