Every day the same thing.

Black pants, basic top, black shoes, black bag.

Well, on the weekend I changed it up to khaki shorts, semi-cute t-shirt, and brown sandals.

The same thing for YEARS.

It was so easy. So familiar.
And so booooooring.

And worse, those basic black pants and sensible shoes were making me FEEL blah and boring.

Deep down I knew that wasn’t me. I knew there was more.

And when I finally ditched those boring clothes, I discovered a level of fun, fabulousness, and confidence that I had always thought was totally out of reach.

Hi! I’m Leila

I help women like you (re)discover their true fabulousness

I’ve been called a fashion fairy godmother, and while I can’t make you into Reese Witherspoon or some other paragon of feminine “perfection,” I can help you become the best, most fabulous version of yourself.

It’s time to stop trying to be the person you think you should be. The person that other people want you to be.

It’s time to be YOU.

The really real, true you deep down inside, and showing her to the world.

This is about how you feel and how you can change your life by taking time for yourself.

It’s about finally loving yourself (yes, your stretch marks and slightly scatterbrained nature deserve love, too).

It’s about creating a look and a closet that make getting dressed every day a dream and something you can’t wait to do every morning.

I’m not just talking about the “right” colors and shapes and fabrics and styles. It’s about the colors, shapes, fabrics, and styles that are right for you.

Changing your clothes won’t help unless those clothes are a real reflection of you. Unless they feel right. That’s why when you go into a store and ask someone to pull outfits for you, you go home and never wear them. Because they’re someone else’s idea of how you should look.

Together, we’ll create a look that makes you feel more you. You’ll get dressed because you want to, not because of what anyone else thinks. You’ll take that time for yourself because you know you DESERVE to look and feel amazing.

This is about so much more than clothes. So much more than about how I look… It’s about FINALLY loving myself. I matter. I don’t need to change me. I need to embrace me. People LIKE the real me. I’m valuable.  I’m beautiful. I’m enough.

Thank you, Leila.

-Beth Griffith

It may sound crazy, but clothes are a catalyst to making major changes in your entire life (not just your closet).

Look, I’ve been there. I spent most of my life wearing what was easy. Like, I seriously had about five pairs of khaki shorts and at least as many pairs of black pants. Mixing them up with kinda dressy tees and tops, I had all I needed to slog through life with little joy. Well, it wasn’t that bad, but looking back from where I am now?

It’s amazing the difference some skinny jeans and a cute blazer can make.

In July of 2015 I sat in a slightly uncomfortable folding chair in the middle of thousands of other consultants in my direct sales company. As I watched the elite few strut across the stage, I couldn’t help but notice that the women who made millions with the company all looked a lot different than the other consultants on the conference floor. I mean, they LOOKED like a million bucks. They were polished, put together, and full of personality that was magnetic and memorable.

As soon as I got home I hired a stylist, and my life has never been the same. I felt so amazing in my new look that I just knew I had to help other women feel just as amazing.

I googled “how to be a stylist” then started doing all of those things. I took classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology and spent four months shadowing and learning from an image consultant and stylist in the Houston area with 35 years of experience.

And I spent time shopping for and dressing as many women as possible.

Now almost two years after that fateful day on the conference floor, I’ve worked with over 50 women one-on-one and given advice and support to hundreds of women in my Facebook group.

Every day I can’t wait to get up, get dressed, and get out and watch other women step up into their style and out into the lives of their dreams.