How Your Yoga Pants Are Holding You Back

Every single day I get up, take a bath, put on a full face of makeup, do my hair, and put on a stylish outfit (yep, including shoes). Every.  Single.  Day. I have to be like deathly ill with puke everywhere for this not to happen. Why do I dress up every single day? Is

What to Pack for Your Next Weekend Getaway

Summer is here, and it’s time for a vacation. And vacations mean figuring out what the heck to put in that suitcase! Do you find yourself over-packing when you go on overnight trips? Back before I knew what the hell I was doing, I used to pack a TON with the thoug

Facebook Saves and Style Obessions

Facebook keeps reminding me that I have saved links (currently at 592).  I’m like, duh, I’m the one that saved them 😉 Anyway, they’re all pretty awesome and interesting, so welcome to my brand new monthly round up post.  Woo hoo! The 2nd Tuesday of every month, I’ll be

How to Pack for Conferences in a Small Suitcase or Less

It seems like every other Facebook ad that comes through my feed is one for a live entrepreneur conference. While I haven’t been to one yet, they look so amazing. I’ll get to one, eventually. It’s also getting to be that time where some direct sales co

The Truth About Clothing Sizes

How many different sizes of clothing do you have in your closet? More than 1? More than 3? More than you can count? The most I’ve heard so far is 8. EIGHT different sizes of clothing in ONE closet. I have 3 different sizes of clothing in my closet. Depending on th

Style, Confidence, and How Your Brain Works

I go to these networking meetings a couple times a month, and at last night’s meeting I met someone new. Well, not someone new, but someone I hadn’t really talked to before. And I think what made last night different wasn’t anything she or I did differ

5 Super Chic Ways to Wear Graphic T-Shirts

It seems like everyone has their own line of graphic t-shirts, and I am no different. While I’ll admit that I feel more than a little narcissistic in offering these shirts, I console myself with the fact that some of my fans and clients specifically asked for them. It’s