Feeling good about the way you look is easier than you think

Are you sick and tired of skimming through fashion magazines and blogs and thinking “yeah, right?”
Are you sick of wandering around a clothing store with no idea where to start?
Or worse yet, spending your hard earned money on clothes you never wear?
No matter what you buy or how much you spend, you always end up in the same pair of jeans and the same t-shirt.
If you’re never going to find anything that looks good, why bother trying?

Those days are over

Feeling good about the way you look is easier than you think, and I’m going to show you how.
I’m going to show you that is entirely possible to look great every day without spending hundreds of dollars.
It’s possible to look great every day AND feel comfortable. In fact, you’ll be comfortable, feel beautiful and embrace each day with amazing confidence.
In fact, you’ll be comfortable, feel beautiful and embrace each day with amazing confidence.

This is possible, and within your reach, with Styled by You.

Styled by You is a step-by-step, online program that helps you create your own unique personal style, shop without stress, and make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. It’s a transformational experience unlike any other, taking you on a journey from closet paralysis to stylish ease in just a few simple steps.

I’ve learned to not settle for clothes that just cover my skin, but to really find the awesomeness in clothes and that I deserve to look AMAZING. You’ve transformed my thinking from “ughhh what to wear” to “yeah, this is great and this and this and this”.
-Jessica Burditt

By the end of this program you will:

  • feel confident and stylish
  • feel empowered in your clothing choices and in your ability to choose stylish outfits
  • feel proud of yourself and your beauty
  • finally feel comfortable in your body
  • feel beautiful inside and out

What does that mean?

  • You will know, without a doubt, what style of clothes look good on you
  • You will walk into stores and know exactly what to choose
  • You will buy clothes that you’ll actually wear
  • You will leave your home feeling beautiful, confident, and stylish every day. EVERY day.

This is not your typical online style program.
No quizzes. No types. No little boxes to fit into.
Instead, you’ll shape your style to fit YOU, not the other way around.

Together with a group of other amazing women, I’ll teach you the same things I teach my private clients:
  • Body Confidence – feeling comfortable in your skin and choosing clothing that is comfortable AND suits your body and personality
  • Cleaning Out Your Closet – ditch those clothes that don’t suit you and fill your closet with pieces you absolutely love
  • Getting to Know Your Face and Body – as the shapes and contrast in your clothes express the true you, you easily express more confidence to others.
  • Creating Your Own Authentic Style – every time the movement of your clothes honors your natural beauty, you move through life with more ease.
  • Shop with a plan – no more spending your hard earned money on clothes you won’t wear
  • Shopping Like a Stylist – as you Dress Your Truth, you will learn which color chroma highlights the twinkle in your eye and enlivens your face
  • Putting it all together – whether you’re going out for a night out or just to your child’s soccer game, you’ll look and feel amazing – every time.

Yes, you’ll look fantastic with Styled by You

But we’re going to deeper than just the way you look. After our time together, you’ll have experienced not only an outer transformation, but a massive shift in how you see yourself.
You will feel confident. You will feel beautiful. You will feel more like yourself than you ever have before. You will feel in-control of your clothing choices.


  • feeling confident and looking amazing every single day.
  • walking into your closet and loving every single item within.
  • looking in the mirror and loving what you see every single time.

The endless struggle of “what to wear” has been eliminated. I FEEL confident, authentic, and more than a little badass.
-Jamie Ruzinko

You will, with Styled by You.

Your new style starts on August 9, 2017.

Get in now for just $147. Price goes up August 1, so don’t wait!