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When my husband and I built our home there was so much we didn't know. We didn't know we could (or should) have a Realtor on our side, or anything about the new construction process, and we're still living with the consequences to this day. That's why I'm so passionate about making sure no one else goes it alone.

HI, I'M LEILA HAYS, and It's my mission to help you buy and sell at the same time, seamlessly.

about me

my First time building nightmare:
why i became a realtor

When my husband and I were ready to move out of the city, where we were taking our lives in our hands if we wanted to take an afternoon stroll, we had no idea where to start.

We drove all over the Houston area's 10,000 square miles (that's not a typo), as far south as Sugar Land, north to The Woodlands, and east to Kingwood. We spent weeks driving around, including crossing three counties! 

We finally decided on Kingwood, and found a neighborhood we liked that was within our budget. I came across the perfect lot on a quiet cul de sac. I was worried someone else would buy it before I could, so I went to the builder's model the same day and wrote a check for the deposit.

I had NO idea that I could or should have a REALTOR, which seems strange now considering that I had been working in the mortgage industry for five years at the time. 

When we walked through the house before closing, we pointed out issues like gloppy wall texture and sloppy trim, but were told they wouldn't fix things that small (believe me, they will with me on your side). We wanted the house, so we closed anyway, and sixteen years later are still noticing things that I now know we could have had the builder fix.

Now, I make it a point to answer all of my client's questions, hold their hand through the process, and do everything in my power to help them feel good about the process and their decisions.

Working with me you'll get not just an experienced, dedicated REALTOR with tons of knowledge and passion. You'll get a friend and resource for life. 

Thank you for being here, and I hope I can help you with finding your forever home. Just email me at and tell me a little more about your situation. I'll take it from there and help you in any way I can.

beyond real estate

I love my work, but I'm more than a Realtor. I love my community, and I'm passionate about being involved in causes and organizations that make an impact. I lead a women's entrepreneurial mastermind, and am on the board of directors for the Kingwood Area Quilting Guild, a non-profit that provides quilts to shelters and other organizations in the Kingwood area.

When I'm not working or giving back to my community, you'll find me at the beach with my husband, Tom, and our 10 year old son. I also love to read, and enjoy quilting and finding other ways to be creative.