Your Home Needs These Two Annual Service Contracts + Two Annual Inspections

What Homeowners Need to Know

With busy schedules, it’s easy to let regular home maintenance fall off your to-do list.

Like many homeowners, you might try to cram certain projects into one weekend. Or worse yet, disaster strikes and you get hit with a large bill since you never got around to a minor task that turned into a major issue.

Stop causing yourself so much stress! Let the professionals help you, and better yet, have a maintenance plan with them.

Why Its Worth the $$

There are three annual professional service contracts you should sign up for once you move into your home (or now if you’ve been in your home for a while) – HVAC (Heating & A/C), Pest Control/Termite, and a .

Having each of these set up on a yearly maintenance plan will keep you on schedule with the appropriate level of maintenance year round. You will be assured that a professional will use their expertise to monitor each of these so that you can avoid preventable SNAFUS or serious problems later on.

At first glance, it seems like a lot of money to spend every year for maybe nothing that needs to be repaired. However, the upfront costs will be well worth it in the long run, helping you avoid more costly damage to your home and unnecessary distress and disruptions for your family.

Please take the time and do your homework when it comes to hiring any business. You want a reputable, reliable and trust-worthy company that services your home properly and doesn’t overcharge or suggest unneeded repairs.

HVAC (Heating/Cooling) System

This is the biggie for most homeowners, especially in the Houston area. Your heating and cooling system affects your day-to-day life all year long, and you want it running smoothly and efficiently.

No one wants to come home to no heat on a frigid January night, or have their air conditioning unit break down during the hottest week of August! A service plan could help prevent that.

Heres what to expect:

A service plan with a professional HVAC company will ensure that your system is serviced at least twice a year, at the change in seasons.

A technician will test, inspect, and clean as necessary to make sure all is safe and functioning properly.

These maintenance visits are scheduled usually in the early fall and the spring, before your system needs to really crank out the heat or air conditioning. They will contact you to set up an appointment so it stays on your to-do list.

The cost of a service plan is typically less expensive if you scheduled two separate visits without a contract. And, again, you won’t have to remember to call them, since they’ll call you if you are on the yearly maintenance plan.

Some also provide discounts on parts and future replacements. Always check your contract carefully.

You’ll get scheduling priority when something does go wrong! This is extremely helpful during the holidays or weekends.

Pest Control and Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

No one likes to admit it but some neighborhoods can have rats, especially more urban areas … and other creatures and pests. And don’t get us started on the damage (and cost!!) that an unchecked termite infestation could do to your home!

Pest control really isn’t a true do-it-yourself job. Sure, you can set up a trap or two, or even get out some ant spray, but it really isn’t as effective as preventative measures used by a professional technician.

Heres what to expect:

A service contract with a pest control company will schedule regular maintenance and inspections throughout the year. They know what to look out for at certain times of the year and at the change of seasons.

It’s all about “control” and preventing an infestation of a wide range of pests such as mice, roaches, spiders, flies, termites, hornets, carpenter ants, etc.

If you have an infestation or a potential problem, they know how to solve the situation in a safe and efficient way that will save you money in the long run.

You’ll develop a relationship with the company and most likely with your neighborhood technician who will know your home and yard and its “problem” spots.

Again, you’ll get priority scheduling if an emergency arises.

Gutter Cleaning

This task is definitely not a DIY one since it can be dangerous and easy to damage your gutters!

Cleaning and inspecting your gutters at least once a year will help you avoid several issues that are a fact of life in the Houston area. With our levels of rainfall and windstorms, clean and clear gutters are a must.

Clogged gutters can compromise your roof as well as lead to water pooling near the foundation of your home or settling into low spots in your yard.

Heres what to expect:

You should have your gutters inspected and cleaned at least once a year, more if there have been storms, wind, or if you have a lot of trees that shed leaves onto your roof.

If you have an especially wooded lot, getting gutter screens could be beneficial, but that isn’t a substitute for regular cleaning and inspections.

Roof Inspections

If your roof isn’t leaking, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have damage!

Replacing a roof costs tens of thousands of dollars or more, and having your roof inspected regularly can help your roof last longer.

A roof inspection includes looking at the entire roof, but also involves taking a look at all the vents and other key elements that come out of your roof. If the flashing and seals around those vents aren’t secure, you could get leaks or damage to the wood under your roof.

As you can see, investing in service contracts upfront and adding key maintenance to your calendar each year will make your life easier as a homeowner. Your home is being monitored and serviced on a regular basis, helping to avoid more costly and preventable damage later on.

Email me if you have any questions about service contracts or want any recommendations.

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I'm Leila Hays, and I love helping homeowners looking to move up to their forever home while selling their current home with as little stress as possible. And maybe a little fun, too. I'm here to make your real estate dreams come true!

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Hi, there!

I'm Leila Hays, and I love helping homeowners looking to move up to their forever home while selling their current home with as little stress as possible. And maybe a little fun, too. I'm here to make your real estate dreams come true!

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what you need to know about buying a home

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Everything Homeowners need to know

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